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Snow Full Moon Circle - February 2024

Snow Full Moon Circle - February 2024

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The second full moon of 2024 is traditionally known as the Snow Moon. This name, given by North American tribes, reflects the time of year when snowfall is typically at its peak. The Snow Moon was also known as the Hunger Moon due to the scarcity of food and game during this season. The snow moon in Virgo reminds us that small, practical steps can make a big difference in our lives. Take this opportunity to set achievable goals and work toward them with dedication and focus. The 2024 snow moon is also an ideal time to identify and proactively address red flags with your intuition. Join us and like-minded women at the Old Hay Barn Bury BL6. 

What you will receive:

  • Sound Healing & Reiki Meditation 
  • A Simple and easy to understand Worksheet 
  • Full Moon + manifesting ritual
  • A Card Reading Ritual
  • Cacao Ritual 
  • Ongoing Support from like-minded women to help you on your Journey.  

What You Need to Bring 

  • Bring Blankets to cover you
  • Yoga Mat or Blanket to Sit on
  • Eye Mask for Your Meditation
  • A cup for your Cacao
  • Your crystals if you want to work with them
  • A notepad and pen  
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