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Hope Crystals

Sleepy Pups 14cm

Sleepy Pups 14cm

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Embrace the heartwarming innocence of the Sleepy Pups Figure from Nemesis Now's value collection. This charming figure captures a trio of wolf pups in a serene moment of rest after a day of playful adventures, tenderly cuddling each other for warmth. The endearing pups, painted in a pristine white hue with striking blue eyes, exude a captivating charm that will delight any animal lover. Meticulously crafted from the finest resin and hand-painted with attention to detail, this figurine stands as a testament to the artistry synonymous with Nemesis Now. Ideal for enthusiasts of wildlife and nature, the Sleepy Pups Figure is part of our extensive range of animal-themed giftware. Whether your customers are collectors seeking a heartwarming gift, this piece adds a touch of wild beauty to any setting, appealing to those who appreciate the enchanting allure of wolves.

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