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Hope Crystals

Norseman Shot Glass 8cm

Norseman Shot Glass 8cm

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Transport yourself to the rugged realms of Norse legend with our Norseman Shot Glassa miniature wooden barrel held together by metal belts, echoing the craftsmanship of Viking longships, taken from Nemesis Now's premium collection. The front showcases a silver plaque featuring the fierce visage of a Viking berserker framed by the dragon heads of two Viking longships, known as 'drakkar,' with flanking Norse lettering in green. Hand-painted and cast in the finest resin, this intricately designed shot glass captures the essence of Viking artistry, allowing enthusiasts to sip from the heart of Norse heritage. The removable stainless steel insert ensures easy cleaning, blending functionality with authentic aesthetics. A part of our diverse Viking-themed collection, this shot glass is tailored for those who seek to embrace the bold and iconic elements of Viking culture. Explore our range of Norse-inspired Viking products, each crafted to bring the spirit of the North into your everyday rituals.

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