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Hope Crystals

Natural Emotion - Love 31cm

Natural Emotion - Love 31cm

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Natural Emotion - Love: Immerse yourself in the captivating portrayal of love with our resin art statue, Natural Emotion - Love, taken from Nemesis Now's premium collection. Crafted with precision from premium resin and adorned in a silver finish, this masterful piece features delicately sculpted leaves forming the heads of a man and a woman in a profound and comfortable embrace. Positioned opposite each other, their foreheads gently touch, and eyes closed, they radiate an aura of enduring love. Meticulously crafted details, from the leaf-formed features to the nuanced expressions, celebrate the beauty of human connection. The painted black base provides a striking contrast, making this piece a poignant addition to our art collection, inviting you to embrace the harmonious blend of nature and emotion. Ideal for collectors and art enthusiasts, Natural Emotion - Love infuses your home with the timeless beauty of a love that transcends the ordinary. Discover more from Nemesis Now to enhance your collection with exceptional artistry.

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