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Hope Crystals

Draconic Roots 28.5cm

Draconic Roots 28.5cm

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Awaken the fiery enchantment with our Draconic Roots figurine from Nemesis Now's value collection. This grand 28cm figurine showcases a large red dragon, its majestic form adorned with captivating orange highlights. Balanced with wings spread and tail gracefully touching the ground, the dragon perches atop a stone pillar, evoking the atmosphere of ancient ruins. The stone structure, reminiscent of a castle's remnants, is entwined with intricate tree roots, adding a touch of nature's embrace to the scene. Meticulously crafted from the finest resin and hand-painted with precision, this figurine is a testament to quality and artistry. Explore our extensive range of dragon-themed giftware, tailored for those who harbor a profound appreciation for magical creatures and medieval mythos.

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