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Hope Crystals

Aine The Faery Queen of Summer 23cm

Aine The Faery Queen of Summer 23cm

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Aine The Faery Queen of Summer: Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of our fairy statuette, Aine The Faery Queen of Summer, taken from Nemesis Now's premium collection. This captivating figurine portrays a fairy donned in an elegant, long white dress, adorned with a golden belt and silver tiara. Gracefully walking on water across a pond, she holds a dark wooden staff with a mesmerizing blue orb, complemented by translucent blue and pink wings that radiate an otherworldly glow. The scene is adorned with pink lilies and a single swan, adding to the magical ambiance. Meticulously crafted with fine attention to detail, this statuette celebrates the delicate balance between elegance and fantasy. Aine is a standout addition to our fairy collection, inviting collectors and fantasy enthusiasts to embrace the mystical realm and infuse their homes with the timeless allure of the Faery Queen of Summer. Bring home the magic of Aine and let her grace your surroundings with ethereal beauty and enchantment. Shop more from Nemesis Now to discover additional captivating pieces.

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