"The Moon Circle Collective: Your Sacred Monthly Lunar Gathering in Manchester"

Join The Moon Circle Collective for transformative lunar gatherings in Manchester, Salford, Monton, Bury, and Stockport. Celebrate the New Moon and Full Moon with like-minded women. Enjoy enriching experiences like worksheets, Affirmations, crystals, oracle readings, cacao, sound healing, and reiki and connections with Likeminded People. 

At The Moon Circle Collective, we offer a holistic approach to lunar celebrations:

1. **Worksheets**: Empower your intentions and reflections with our carefully crafted worksheets.

2. **Crystals**: Harness the energy of crystals to amplify your lunar rituals and connect with the moon's power.

3. **Oracle Readings**: Seek guidance and insights from our skilled oracle readers to navigate your spiritual journey.

4. **Cacao**: Indulge in the magic of cacao ceremonies that enhance your connection with the lunar energy and your fellow participants.

5. **Sound Healing**: Immerse yourself in the soothing vibrations of sound healing to rejuvenate your mind and spirit.

6. **Reiki**: Experience the balancing and healing energy of Reiki to align your chakras and promote inner harmony.

7. **Connection**: Ongoing support from likeminded women, find your tribe.